COSATU to the SAMAs but not in peace

DSC_0841COSATU Moses Kotane Local vowed to disrupt the march anticpated South African Music Awards in Sun City Tommorrow. COSATU  demand answers from the top management of both Sun City and Sun International on their agreement with the Guptas on the arrangement of the latter wedding arrangements.

COSATU’s Solly Phetoe said it is clear that the agreement was made to undermine workers at the said institution more so African black people who are also members of both COSATU affiliates (SACCAWU and SATAWU) at that institution.

“COSATU is in possession of an e-mail that was doing the rounds sent by management informing workers that they will be supplied with deodorants, soaps and others in order to keep clean when serving these highly connected Guptas family and this was total violation of poor workers integrity as it was a first of its kind at Sun City that has been receiving high profiled guests like Michael Jackson and others including our own World acclaimed Icon Tata Madiba Mandela without such humiliating “presents” by the powers that be at Sun City”.

“COSATU further needs or demand answers as it is well informed that the said Guptas and their guests received a preferential treatment from the Department of Home Affairs as it is informed that home affairs officials went to Sun City to work on the Guptas papers as well as SARS,” said Phetoe.

“The other demand will be of all case numbers on all racial matters reported to Sun City management including the attempted rape matter by one of the Guptas guests as Sun City management claimed that they assisted in opening such cases with the Sun City police.

COSATU Moses Kotane has vowed and resolved that it will embark on disturbing all major events that will be taking place at Sun City until it gets all needed answers on all matters raised in here starting on Saturday the 11th of May 2013 as Sun City will be hosting the South African Music Awards at the Super bowl.

We call on all our members at Sun City to snub this occasion and all South Africans to boycott all events hosted by this racial hub”.

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