More houses for North West community


Nono Maloyi (1)In restoring ‘the human dignity’ of people of the North West Province, the Department of Human Settlements Branch has increased the pace of service delivery and exceeded the 2012/13 financial target of housing units. During his budget vote for the financial year 2013/14 at the North West Provincial Legislature yesterday, MEC for the Department, Nono Maloyi reminded the august house that last financial year he committed to build 11666 housing units. However, during the closure of the financial year, the department has recorded a success of 14424 housing units delivered which was 2758 more from the initial target.

“These houses have clean running water and sanitation. This is an extraordinary achievement with evidence of our indelible commitment to restore the dignity of our people,” said MEC Maloyi. He said that over achievement is attributed to Human Settlements Development Grand (HSDG) that was allocated to the department. According to the MEC, this included the disaster funding that was rolled over in the previous year and money that was recovered from Thubelisha homes after the parastatal was closed down.

With the new allocation of R1.4 billion for this 2013/14 financial year, the department committed to deliver about 5053 sites and constructing 15 000 new housing units with access to clean water and descent sanitation.

Following the last financial year commitment to assist those who earn too much to qualify for low cost housing and earn too little to qualify for bond stock, the department committed to market and effectively implement the Financially Linked Individual Subsidy Programme (FLISP) during this financial year as outline by President Jacob Zuma during the state of the nation address, with special focus on Seraleng project in Rustenburg.

The Department has set aside an amount of R27 million for the implementation of the programme in Rustenburg.

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