Robbers murder domestic worker in Potchefstroom

download (1)A domestic worker was stabbed to death in a robbery in Mohadin near Potchefstroom today.

Captain Pelonomi Makau said the 17-year-old was killed in her outside room at her employer’s house.

The robbers apparently jumped over the fence of an elderly couple’s house, confronted the domestic worker in her room, and stabbed her several times in her upper body, said Makau.

The 68-year-old house owner went to the domestic worker’s room and was overpowered by the attackers who were allegedly armed with a knife and firearm.

“It is alleged that the suspects blindfolded the woman and took her to the main house where her sickly husband, 71, was.

They tied the couple’s hands and feet with a cord,” said Makau.

They ransacked the house, and ran away after taking a cellphone and a credit card and demanding the pin number.

A robbery and murder docket has been opened. – Sapa

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