Premier Modise to announce outcomes of investigation into traditional disputes and claims

images (5)Royal families and parties that had lodged traditional leadership disputes and claims are to be briefed before a public pronouncement is issued on the outcome of finalised investigations, North West Premier Thandi Modise and the Provincial Committee on Traditional Leadership Disputes and Claims agreed in Mahikeng.

Premier Modise said that the approach is in keeping with protocol and respect for the institution of traditional leadership which is the custodian of tradition and culture.

Though the Premier had up to 60 days to study the Bahurutshe Ba-Moiloa Boo Ramotshere Chieftaincy Dispute report she received last week Friday, she has applied her mind to the findings and recommendations of the committee and will be issuing a recognition certificate to the successor to the late Kgosi Monnaamere J Godfrey Moiloa and rightful heir to the chieftaincy.

The outcome of the Bahurutshe Ba-Moiloa Boo Ramotshere chieftaincy dispute investigation will be among those to be announced next week Tuesday. The dispute was on the request of the Premier Modise prioritised by the Provincial Committee for urgent finalisation.  

The Commission for Traditional Leadership Disputes and Claims was established in terms of the Traditional Leadership and Governance Framework Act 41 of 2003 to restore the dignity and integrity of traditional communities and the entire institution of traditional leadership across the country.

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