Jaws to recover outstanding fines with warrant of arrests

Nono Maloyi (1)The North West Traffic Authorities have warned motorists to pay their outstanding traffic fines to avoid inconveniences on the road as they have already started with  special operations to recover all out standings through the special JAWS unit.

Thousands of rands are expected to be recovered during these operations which will be held in all major roads of the province.

According to Human Settlements Public Safety and Liaison MEC Nono Maloyi, not paying traffic fines is also an offence.“Most drivers don’t pay their fines to an extent of getting warrant of arrests and those would be inconvenienced because if we find you with an warrant of arrest then your trip ends right there. We are not going to allow any motorist to drive on our roads while owing the state for not complying with the road laws. To avoid being subjected to an inconvenience, please go and check yourself and do the right thing, pay your outstanding fine and drive freely,” said MEC Maloyi.

He further warned drivers to obey and comply as they will not escape the justice system if found on the wrong side of the law. The MEC said the department has strengthened its operations as the recently launched Highway Patrol Vehicles has started to operate on all the roads of the province.

The operations will be held in a form of roadblocks and through the Automatic Number Plate Recognition System vehicles on the major roads of the province.

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