More than two hundred thousand RDP houses have been build in the North West since 1994. However the Department of Human Settlements Public Safety and Liaison in the North West, says it will continue to make sure that it achieves the 2030 plan. The message was echoed by the Departmental MEC Nono Maloyi during the official hand over of 230 houses to residents of EXT 39 and 100 Community Residential Units to Mafikeng Local Municipality on Wednesday.

According to MEC Maloyi, the North West has a huge housing backlog and the provincial government will work tirelessly in ensuring that legible beneficiaries have houses. “We are aware that there are many people who still need houses and as my department is mandated to provide house, I will make sure that we work harder in making sure that it provides quality houses to our people. We have also launched a house that will from this financial year become a common feature in the province. The house will make sure that, we lift the face of RDP houses in the province,” said MEC Maloyi.

One of the people who received their houses is the 75-year-old, Angelina Moleta. Ms Moleta is a grandmother of four and survives on social grants. She said that she has never owned a proper house before. “We stayed in mud houses before and have never known how its like to live in a proper house before. I am happy today that government has build a house for me and the gesture has changed our lives completely. I have my own privacy and my grand children no longer fear during the night or when it rains,” said Ms Moleta. MEC Maloyi further called on residents of extension 39 to take care of their houses and make them homes. “Government wants to make sure that you stay in habitable homes.

Government further wants to make sure when all South Africans celebrate 20 years of Democracy, you also celebrate with others in a home. These houses will also restore your dignity which was taken away from you by the previous regime,” said Maloyi. MEC Maloyi concluded by sending a serious warning to those who suggest that he is using the hand over process as electioneering. He said that this is Government programme and will not be deterred by prophets of doom in changing the lives of poor people in the province.

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